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Keeping Your Financial Advisor or Insurance Agent Honest

Written By Blog Pr 3 on Monday, January 10, 2011 | 2:43 AM

The best way to evaluate and compare an insurance coverage provider for financial strength.

Request your consultant for just about any "Vital Signs Report" for nearly any insurance carrier you are considering.

A "Vital Signs" report is certainly a goal spreadsheet that summarizes and compares around 8 insurance companies on 1 page for a lot of important financial safety criteria. It can help safeguard you from a biased or commission driven consultant from offering a company for you personally that's considered under acceptable by honest and client focused experts. You may even specify which companies you need to compare.

Which kind of particulars take presctiption the Vital Signs Report?

To start with, 5 various and qualified rating agencies evaluate key criteria such as the relative risk natural in any insurance companies investment investment investment portfolios, resource growth, bonds in arrears and what types of possibilities the service companies are holding.

How do a layman interpret the final results?  This can be made simple.

All the 5 rating services assigns a percentile rating to each company round the report.

5 ratings is going to be averaged and designated an amalgamated rating known to like a "Comdex percentile"  The higher the amount, the safer the business is regarded as as. My personal is always that an insurance coverage provider should have no less than an 80% Comdex rating.

Aren't all insurance service companies about equal?

Not always.  The instance attached shows for example, that Transamerica Existence features a strong Comdex rating of 93% a high-notch numberwhile the well-known AAA has only a 60% rating.

Exist safeguards for employing companies licensed in California?

Yes, there is a California Guarantee Association that safeguards the client around certain limits for life insurance coverage coverage and allowance claims but a realtor is not allowed to talk about by utilizing you simply before an order because it is considered unfair marketing.

To summarize, you should not only expect your experts to produce product recommendations from businesses that are competitive it is also smart to request any financial safety comparison in the specific company recommended versus others the consultant has looked into. The vital signs report is certainly a business standard that's recognized and employed by the higher diligent experts.

This post is not offered as investment recommendations but is supplied just like a tool to help the layman compare insurance companies for financial strength.

A good example report could be acquired by calling the phone number below and departing your email address contact information.
Title: Keeping Your Financial Advisor or Insurance Agent Honest
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